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Legal Articles: anything to do with adult industry legalities from 2257-law to patenting an idea. Submit your legal article on today!!

How to Check a Picture Identification Card

How to check a performers id properly. A primer from J.D. Obenberger on how to properly examine an ID for validity.

Anatomy of an Obscenity Prosecution

Sometimes, in order to see where you are going, you have to look at where you have been. History can often be the best predictor of the future, particularly in law enforcement matters. An Article by Larry Walters.

The Acacia Issue: A Look at the Options

Recently, Acacia Media Technologies Corporation, (“Acacia”), sent a round of letters directed to those in the adult Internet industry who have provided “access” to Websites allegedly violating their patent claims by streaming video.

Running A Home-Based Adult Website Business, New Dangers. Adult Industry Legal Information

Adult Internet Law and Legal Information for Adult sites webmasters. Running A Home-Based Adult Website Business

Records Keeping Compliance Checklist for European Content Producers

Ever purchase content from a European provider? Learn what you need to know to keep it legal.

Michigan Attorney General Shuts Down Adult Sites At The Billing Level

Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm's bid to rid the Internet of child pornography by cutting the financial legs out from under its purveyors rippled through the online adult entertainment industry.

How Service Agreements & Level Agreements Protect Your Business

Services agreements, and service agreements which set forth levels of service, can help clarify each party's goals, limit the liability of the parties and ensure that both parties get the services and payment expected. 

Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Ideas and Your Business

Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Ideas and Your Business on Webmaster Resources

Compliance with 18 USC 2257 and Model Releases

Reducing Risk to Your Adult Business - What is 18 USC 2257? If you are publishing adult content on the web and have to ask you need to read his article!

Legal Bondage

The InterNext 2002 Legalities Seminar offered a plethora of information and advice to help keep adult webmasters in business in the coming years. Learn what it all means and find out ways to break out of the legal bondage and exercise your rights to profit

The Seven Circles of Adult Content Hell

At the InterNext 2002 Legalities seminar, attorney J.D. Obenberger educated webmasters on how to stay out of the Justice Systems Inferno by learning to avoid the 7 Circles of Internet Content Hell. A must read for every adult webmaster!

Legal Issues for E-Commerce Business

Making decisions about legal matters is about your level of comfort with risk. Just because there is risk does not mean that it is not a good business for you. Everything in life has risks -- your business is no exception. 

FAQs on HR 4472 and Its Consequences for Adult Webmasters

On Thursday, July 27 2006, President Bush signed House Resolution 4472 into law, an enactment with profound effects for adult webmasters.

June 2003 Adult Industry Legal Update

Adult Webmaster Legal Articles: June 2003 Adult web site webmaster industry legal update - Legal resources, advice, tips, tools, adult lawyers and attorneys

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